Looking to Expand Your IT Networking Skills? Try CCNP Certification by Cisco!

Cisco has updated its certification track. The CCNP certification program also went through a few changes. It now comprises of two exams, one that evaluates your core networking skills and a second that evaluates your understanding in a concentration area of your choice. Achieving the CCNP certification confirms that you have successfully cracked both exams.

The core CCNP exam shows your understanding of designing, executing, and troubleshooting local area networks (LAN) and wide-area networks (WAN). With the focus that you notice nowadays on cloud computing, it’s simple to understand why you might be thinking if CCNP certification is still worth getting. The answer to this question is an echoing yes, for both the CCNP and all Cisco certifications.

In this article, we’ll look at the benefits you’ll relish by having a CCNP certification.

Benefits of Achieving a CCNP Certification

Cisco certifications are acknowledged throughout the world. It isn’t simple to find out a top-notch organization that doesn’t use Cisco’s services anyhow. Similarly, it’s improbable to meet an IT professional who doesn’t have any experience with Cisco’s products and technologies. The acknowledgment alone is sufficient to achieve a CCNP certification worth it. It confirms that a prestigious and broadly used vendor has confirmed your skills and understanding of their product.

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Few other benefits that make a CCNP certification worth achieving involve:

1. More Job Opportunities

You are likely looking to promote your IT career if you are considering earning the CCNP certification. Maybe you are looking for a new position, or you already work with the same organization and move forward with your current employer. In any case, when you achieve your CCNP certification, you will have the edge over applicants who are not certified. Most hiring managers and organizations count upon certifications to make their recruitment decisions. So, with a CCNP certification on your CV, you will already stay ahead of the curve.

2. Forming an Attractive Resume with CCNP Certification

Your resume is an influential document that organizations use to decide if you are suitable for a specific job position or not. The presence of CCNP certification in your resume helps you to excel from the crowd and convinces the employer to take a profound look over your expertise. So, it’s a worthy asset for you to influence the employer with your skills and experience obtained.

3. Higher Pay Packages

Professionals who work in the IT industry are among the best paid in the industry. The well-known organizations always look for professionals that are great at performing their everyday tasks. And these organizations are always ready to pay a huge amount of money for selecting these professionals. According to a study, the CCNP certified professionals are earning around 10-20 percent more than the uncertified professionals. So, if you’re also seeking to receive a higher amount of money, then this Cisco certification is right for you.

Make your Resume Stronger with CCNP Enterprise 300-430 ENWLSI Certification

4. A Stepping-Stone to More Advanced Cisco Certifications

Achieving the CCNP certification will make you eligible to take up more higher-level Cisco certifications. Cisco provides expert and architect level certifications that will unlock even more doors for you and offer fat salaries.

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5. Worldwide opportunities

While the job market for IT professionals is wide for skilled professionals, your journey starts from here. The CCNP certification is acknowledged and in demand throughout the world. By earning this certification, you can work in almost any part of the world, as many organizations across the world utilize Cisco products, services, and technologies.


As you already know, how the employment field is doing at the moment. It is smarter to prove your skills by performing what you can rather than demonstrating what you know. Establishing an outstanding career in the IT industry begins with the possession of basic knowledge and skills. With the CCNP certification, you have the advantage over other individuals attentive to boost their career in the IT industry. Create an excellent instinct and perceive your career goals come to fulfilment in a less span than you expected.

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