Avail CCNP Security 300-715 SISE Certification to Enhance Your Career

By restructuring the CCNP Security certification track and providing CCNP Security 300-715 SISE SISE certification, Cisco has provided the most valued opportunity to aspiring IT professionals to propel their careers in the present day’s most needed specialty.

The CCNP Security certification validates your skills as a certified security solutions provider professional. The recently updated CCNP Security certification version has expanded its professional scope by adding new technologies in the updated exam modules such as Cisco ASA Firewalls, Routers, Switches, VPN’s, IDS/IPS, and AAA technologies. The updated CCNP Security Certification also covers some of the technologies that earlier came under CCIE Security. This post will talk about the Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine (300-715 SISE) exam.

The Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine v1.0 (SISE 300-715) exam is a 90-minute exam associated with the CCNP Security and Cisco Certified Specialist – Security Identity Management Implementation certifications. This exam measures an applicant’s understanding of the Cisco Identify Services Engine, including architecture and deployment, policy enforcement, Web Auth and guest services, profiler, BYOD, endpoint compliance, and network access device administration.

Scope and Salary for the Certified CCNP Security Professionals

In a nutshell, we can say the prospect of certified CCNP Security professionals is bright and secured. With the introduction of a restructured set of Cisco CCNP certifications, it is rather promising and worthwhile than the earlier CCNA as CCNP certified professionals. The new CCNP Security syllabus doubles the professional expertise of the professional. Thus, there are plenty of job opportunities and better salary packages. At present, the salaries given to the CCNP Security Certified professionals vary from $87,915 per year for Network Engineer to $109,474 per year.

And the core benefit of earning CCNP Security Professional Certification is that it works as a necessity for higher-level certifications like CCNP, CCIE, etc. Thus there are more possibilities for certified professionals to take their careers to the ultimate heights. This scenario must encourage those who want to develop their careers with Cisco technologies.

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5 Tips to Pass Cisco 300-715 SISE Certification Exams

Here are 5 tips that will help you pass CCNP Security 300-715 SISE exam on your first attempt:

1. Design a Study Schedule

Designing a study plan is one of the most significant things to do before preparing for an exam. A well-designed study plan can help you concentrate on tough topics and study the entire syllabus topics within the least possible time. Before beginning your preparation for CCNP 300-715 SISE exam, make sure to get familiar with the syllabus from Cisco’s official website. This is essential because the syllabus is likely to change, and Cisco can change it at any time without any prior notice.

After studying the syllabus, you should arrange the topics in the order you want to learn them. It is recommended to begin with a topic that seems the easiest for you. Then, you can step by step move to the difficult ones. Once you have created your study plan, you can begin your preparation for the 300-715 SISE exam.

2. Obtain Study Materials from Trusted Sources

There is a great number of websites from where you can purchase and get study materials for CCNP Security certification exams. But it is always advised to use only authentic sources.

3. Obtain Practical Experience

In CCNP Security exams, questions are asked on both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Having practical skills helps applicants have a good command over all the topics and answer questions concentrating on practical skills appropriately. To obtain practical experience and knowledge, applicants are required to build up a personal lab and practice various tasks.

4. Take 300-715 SISE Practice Exams

When it comes to Cisco certification exams, there is no reliable way to gauge your learning than attempting as many practice tests as possible. Taking practice tests helps you learn how to manage pressure and manage time and gives you an idea of your entire level of preparedness.

5. Decide Which CCNP Security Exam You’ll Take First

To receive CCNP Security Certification, you have to crack the two exams. One among them is the core exam, and the other exam is to be selected from a list of concentration exams that include a broad of distinct technologies. The concentration exam 300-715 SISE offers you the opportunity to tailor your specialty.

Extra Tips for Cisco 300-715 SISE Exam Prep


While you are studying for the CCNP 300-715 SIE certification exams, you need to take some time off and rest. Avoid overburdening yourself. Therefore, while designing your study schedule, be sure to put a time slot to take some breaks between your studies. Moreover, have a few days in a week whereby you don’t do anything concerning exam preparation.

Don’t Study a Day Before the Exam Date

A day before your Cisco 300-715 exam, you should have a break and relax. This will help you avoid making silly mistakes that the applicants often do in the exams because they are exhausted, and their minds are drained.

Review All Your Answers

Before submitting your exam, you should always check all the answers and make sure you have answered every question rightly. By reviewing your answers, you will have the chance to correct any sloppy mistakes you might have.


With complete dedication and hard work, you can achieve your CCNP Security certification without any contest and get valuable practical skills that will be very beneficial in the future. Don’t forget, CCNP Security is the certification that can help you mount your dream career in networking. Wishing You Good Luck!

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