CCT 100-490 RSTECH Exam– Everything You Need to Know to Get Certified

What is CCT Routing and Switching 100-490 RSTECH Certification Exam?

Cisco Certified Technician Routing and Switching 100-490 RSTECH certification addresses the skills needed for onsite support and maintenance of Cisco routers, switches, and operating environments. Professionals in this area must be able to specify Cisco router and switch models, cabling, accessories, and interfaces; understand the Cisco IOS software operating modes and identify commonly found software, and utilize the Cisco Command Line Interface (CLI) to connect and service products.

Prerequisite for Cisco 100-490 RSTECH Certification

  • You should have a solid understanding of fundamental computer knowledge.

Who Should Obtain CCT Routing and Switching Certification?

For many people, exam time will be the most exhausting time. With a lot drifting around the outcome, there could be a considerable amount of stress to overcome nicely. Here are some exam preparation tips to help you to get through the Cisco 100-490 RSTECH exam.

Cisco CCT Routing and Switching 100-490 RSTECH Exam Tips

Start Early

The earlier you start, the much more time you will require to prepare for the Cisco CCT Routing and Switching exam. You do not need to wait till exam time arrives; try to set the stage from the beginning on the CCT Routing and Switching 100-490 syllabus reviewing the material after every class. By beginning early and studying consistently, you may hold a much better opportunity to soak up the details, and life will apparently be a great deal easier when it’s time for you to put it all with each other for the exam.

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Make sure all your study material is well organized, so you can study systematically and fill any gaps. A proper organization can help you have a more refined picture of the syllabus that has to be covered and improve the flow in the study program.

Making a Study Plan

First of all, you will have to create a study plan and reduce the exam pressure successfully. The basic step would be to determine just how much time and work you require to commit to looking for the exam by asking the following questions to yourself:

  • What are the topics covered in the exam?
  • Do you have all the essential study materials?
  • Just how much time is available?
  • Do you’ve have any other responsibilities throughout the study time?
  • What is the structure of the Cisco 100-490 exam?
  • Why do you need to sit for the exam?
  • What is your score target for the exam?

To design the study plan, gather all the material that has to be studied and make a study plan showing what, when and just how much time you will devote to Cisco exam preparation every day.

If you have kept up using the study material, studying will involve revision in the material that you have presently covered. If you are behind in the system, you may have to finish the readings and other uncompleted functions before starting the revision (if there is not enough time to go more than everything, you require to determine what’s most essential for the exam).

Right here are some tricks to follow in planning your study strategy:

  • Plan your time realistically;
  • Devote the study time into many manageable study sessions;
  • divide the course material into modest segments and assign them towards the study sessions;
  • set clear and particular targets for the study sessions;
  • prioritize to make sure that material weighted more heavily in the exam requires enough study time;
  • Take into consideration your prior knowledge of all the material along with the difficulty level;
  • Do not make the study sessions as well lengthy;
  • study sessions should have enough assortment when it comes to subjects and activities to counter boredom and loss of productiveness;
  • evade cramming ahead of the exam; and
  • do not forget to take small breaks.

Studying for the Cisco 100-490 Exam

You are now outfitted with a program and prepared to start off studying for the CCT Routing and Switching 100-490 exam. Try and study within a place where you’ll be able to focus and will not be interrupted. You’ll be able to function with other people or join a study group if you locate it beneficial, but be careful to keep it from turning into an ineffective use of the time. Some proven study tools and techniques are listed beneath – professionals respond to diverse studying types, so use what works for you.

Take CCT Routing and Switching 100-490 Practice Test

Studying the entire syllabus is important but not enough to assure success in the Cisco 100-490 exam. You must be familiar with the exam structure and the kind of questions likely to be asked in the exam in the real exam conditions.

Practice using sample questions inside the like format because the exam answers them in a simulated test environment. The sample questions could be sourced from old exams and assignments, which are typically equivalent from year to year with small alterations.

Performing Cisco CCT Routing and Switching 100-490 practice tests ought to serve as a feedback loop. Consider the result of the Cisco 100-490 practice test to diagnose your strengths and weaknesses. Should you be weak in a region, go back and study it further to deal with any gaps.


Overall, the Cisco CCT Routing and Switching 100-490 exam will transform your professional career if you get through it with an amazing score, so it essential that you study thoroughly. It is completely normal to feel stressed because it is a Cisco certification exam.

As long as you follow the tips mentioned above, we have no doubts that you will take and perform this certification exam with ease.

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