Understanding the Importance of CCNP Security Certification

If we say that most parts revolve around software and networking in today’s computing world, it won’t be a mistake. As time passes and particularly in the wake of recent development, both software and networking are being connected. They have supported us expand our work base in multi-faceted. With this expansion, our dependency on software and networking has also increased umpteen times, and we require to protect our databases and our ongoing networks with strong, scalable security. By offering CCNP Security Certification, Cisco has given the most extravagant opportunity to aspiring IT professionals to promote their careers in the present day’s most sought-after specialty.

This certification confirms your skills as a skilled and certified security solutions provider specialist. CCNP Security certification has expanded its professional extent by including new technologies in its exam syllabus such as Cisco ASA Firewalls, VPN’s, IDS/IPS, Routers, Switches, and AAA technologies.

The command on this wide array of subjects strengthens the value of successful Cisco certified professionals in the field. They are eligible for the most rewarding positions in leading organizations with excellent benefits and great perks.

CCNP Security Certification: Scope and Salary

In brief, we can say the future of professionals holding CCNP Security certification is very bright and secured. Cisco CCNP certification is somewhat more promising and beneficial than any other networking certification. The CCNP syllabus boosts the professional expertise of the professional. Therefore, there are lots of job opportunities and improved salary packages. At present, the salaries offered to the CCNP Security Certified professionals vary from $87,915 per year for Network Engineer to $109,474 per annum.

And the major plus of earning CCNP Security Certification is that it works as a requirement for higher-level Cisco certifications like CCNP, CCIE, etc. Thus there are more chances for certified professionals to develop their careers to the greatest heights. This outline must inspire those who want to advance their careers with Cisco technologies.

How to Achieve CCNP Security Certification?

To achieve CCNP Security Certification, you need to pass two exams. One of them is the core exam, and the other exam is from a list of concentration exams that include a broad range of expert technologies. The concentration exams offer you the opportunity to tailor your specialty.

Core Exam

This exam is available in English and Japanese, and the time duration for the exam is only 120 minutes. Once you receive the Cisco 350-701 SCOR Certification core Exam, you can customize your specialty by passing any of the following exams.

Concentration Exams (choose any of the following):

The CCNP Security concentration exams allow you to concentrate on any distinct technology and put the foundation of your career. All of the concentration exams are equal in worth and substance, and they need all the candidate’s full command of exam modules.

How to Ensure Success in CCNP Security Certification Exams?

Like any other Cisco exam, preparation for CCNP Security Core and Concentration exams needs your extreme attention and involvement. There are multiple resources for your help and direction. The first one is Cisco which offers your e-learning opportunity, instructor-led private classes, e-library, and practice test. If you find it costly to prepare for the exam using Cisco resources, you have many other options on the internet.


Undergoing rigorous preparation for the CCNP security exam opens opportunities for better jobs and wages and magnifies the skill set of the IT professional. Nothing is amazing like joining a group of experts well renowned globally because they have the skills and knowledge that everybody is looking for. With Cisco certification, you want a chance to become one of the professionals respected around the world.

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